How to Establish a Successful Co-Working Space in Suburban UK Areas?

In the modern world where remote work has become commonplace, the need for a centralized working environment still persists. A place where people can collaborate, network, or simply enjoy the ambiance of a busy workplace. Consequently, coworking spaces have become a trend, providing an attractive alternative to traditional office spaces. These are not premises alone, but also a community of workers from various backgrounds and industries. However, establishing a coworking space, especially in suburban areas in the UK, poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities. This article aims to guide you through the process of creating a thriving coworking space outside the hustle and bustle of city life.

Understanding the Potential Market

Before anything else, you need to understand the market potential of the location. The demographics, psychographics, and work habits of your potential members will influence the design of your coworking space. It’s crucial that you research the type of workers who live in the suburban area and their working needs.

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In suburban areas, you may find a mix of freelance professionals, small business owners, and remote employees. Understanding their work routines, preferences, and needs will help you design a coworking space that is attractive to them. For instance, if the area is popular with tech-savvy freelancers, an ultra-modern workspace with high-speed Wi-Fi and cutting-edge tech facilities may be a draw.

Another aspect to consider here is the competition. Research already established coworking spaces in your chosen suburban area, and identify their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you position your coworking space uniquely, offering services that fulfill unmet needs.

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Designing an Appealing Workspace

The design of your coworking space can make or break your business. Bland, uninspired spaces won’t attract the creative, innovative professionals you’re aiming for. Your space should inspire productivity, creativity and create a sense of community amongst the members.

Mix private and open workspaces. Open spaces promote networking and collaboration, but some members will also require private areas for focused work or confidential meetings. Comfortable furniture, good lighting, accessible power outlets, and breakout areas for relaxation are also essential.

Also, consider the physical location of your coworking space. Is it easily accessible by public transport or by car? Is there parking available? These are all factors potential members will consider when choosing a coworking space.

Programming and Community Building

A coworking space is not just an office; it’s a community. Frequent networking events, workshops, and social activities will foster a sense of community amongst your members. It also provides additional value to your members, helping them develop professionally and personally.

Consider partnering with local businesses or experts to provide workshops or talks. You could also host regular social events to allow members to interact and network informally.

Setting the Right Prices

Finally, setting the right prices is crucial. You need to strike a balance between covering your costs and making a profit, while also offering attractive prices to your members. Research your competition and understand what prices they’re charging, and what services they’re offering for those prices.

Generally, coworking spaces offer different tiers of membership, from hot-desking access for a couple of days a month to private offices. Be flexible and provide options for different types of workers.

Marketing and Branding

After setting up your coworking space, it’s time to get the word out. Build a strong online presence by creating a professional, user-friendly website. Leverage social media to reach your target audience and highlight the benefits and uniqueness of your coworking space.

Consider offering a free trial day or week. This gives potential members a chance to experience your coworking space firsthand. You could also offer referral rewards for members who bring in new members.

In the end, remember that creating a coworking space, especially in suburban areas, is an ongoing process. Always listen to your members’ feedback and be willing to adapt and evolve to meet their changing needs.

Cultivating an Innovative Environment

Cultivating an innovative environment is crucial for a thriving coworking space. The idea behind coworking spaces is for individuals and small businesses to thrive in an environment that fosters open innovation and knowledge sharing. This concept is about more than just sharing an office space; it’s about creating a vibrant ecosystem where people work, meet, collaborate, and create together.

To cultivate this kind of environment, consider featuring shared workspace areas in addition to private phone booths and meeting rooms. This mix of spaces offers flexibility for different types of work and encourages interaction and collaboration among members. A common kitchen or café area can also be a hub of activity and informal communication, fostering a sense of community.

Additionally, fostering an innovative environment goes beyond the physical layout of the coworking space. Consider the technological needs of your members. High-speed internet is a must, but also consider other tech amenities such as charging stations for devices, dedicated desk areas with multiple monitors, or even 3D printers or other specialized equipment for certain industries.

Lastly, remember that an innovative environment is one where members feel comfortable and inspired. Elements such as natural light, indoor plants, inspiring artwork, and ergonomic furniture can all contribute to making your coworking space an appealing place to work.

Managing a Successful Co-working Space

Managing a successful coworking space in a suburban UK area requires proactive planning and continuous improvements. It involves regular maintenance of the space, handling administrative tasks, dealing with members’ feedback, and updating amenities as per the evolving needs of your members.

A well-managed coworking space is clean, well-organized, and equipped with all the necessary facilities. This includes good quality furniture, high-speed internet, private phone booths, and meeting rooms. Regular maintenance and updating of these facilities will ensure that your members have a smooth working experience.

Managing a coworking space is also about building and maintaining relationships with your members. Regular communication, prompt responses to queries or complaints, and the ability to cater to their unique needs will help build trust and loyalty.

It’s important to note that the management of a coworking space is an ongoing process that requires adaptability. As the needs and expectations of your members change, your coworking space will also need to evolve.


Establishing a successful coworking space in suburban UK areas is a multi-faceted task but can be highly rewarding. It involves understanding your market, designing an appealing workspace, fostering an innovative environment, setting the right prices, and effectively managing the space. It offers a unique opportunity to create a vibrant community of diverse professionals who can collaborate, innovate, and grow together. Remember, a successful coworking space is more than just a place to work – it’s a place where people thrive.

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